Marathon Trivia

The fastest n-th fastest marathon time. Runner's personal records (PR's) are often publicized. Paula Radcliffe (ENG) has the fastest PR by virtue of holding the "world record" at 2:15:24.6. Her second fastest marathon is 2:17:17.8 which is the fastest, 2nd fastest marathon time by a woman and she also holds the fastest 3rd fastest marathon at 2:18:54.6. However, Catherine Ndereba (KEN) has the "honor" of having the fastest 4th fastest marathon at 2:21:12. Her fastest marathons are (2:18:47, 2:19:26, 2:19:55 and 2:21:12). Note that this list answers other questions such as who has the most sub-2:30 marathons [Catherne Ndereba (KEN) with 22]. With this in mind, here is the list of the fastest n-th fastest marathon times.

Fastest debut marathon. For men, 2:03:06 by Moses Mosop Cheruiyot (KEN) at Boston (MA/USA) on 18 Apr 2011. For women, 2:18:56 by Paula Radcliffe (ENG) at London (ENG) on 14 Apr 2002.

Marathons that cross international borders. Several marathons cross international borders. These include:

BEL-NED        Maas                             Visé BEL => NED and return
BLR-LTU        Friendship                       Grodno BLR => Druskininkai LTU
BRA-ARG        Aguas Internacional              Foz do Iguašu BRA => Puerto Iguazu ARG
ESP-FRA        Transpyrénéen Catalan            Figueras ESP => Le Boulou FRA
GER-SUI-AUT    Drei-Länder                      Lindau GER => St Margarethen SUI => Bregenz AUT
NED-GER        Wardenburg Triple- Day 2         Blijham NED => Esterwegen GER
NOR-SWE        Unions                           Romskog NOR => Bovikens SWE and return
SLO-ITA        Green Europe                     Lipica SLO => Trieste ITA
SUI-LIE        LGT Alpin                        Bendern SUI => Malbun LIE
SVK-POL        Visegrad                         Podoliniec SVK => Rytro POL
URU-ARG        Binacional                       Salto URU => Concordia ARG
USA-CAN        Casino Niagara                   Buffalo NY/USA => Niagara Falls ON CAN
USA-CAN-USA    Bay of Fundy International       Lubec ME/USA <=> [East Quoddy Head] NB/CAN
ZIM-RSA        Two Countries                    Dulubadzimu ZIM => Musina RSA
Inactive or no longer international
AUT-SLO        Mednarodni EU                    Eisenkappel AUT <=> Preddvor SLO (alternates direction)
BEL-FRA        Hainaut                          Mons BEL => Vallenciennes FRA
CAN-USA        Detroit Free Press               Windsor ON CAN => Detroit MI/USA
GER-POL        Europa                           Gorlitz GER => Zgorszelec POL
MON-FRA-ITA    Monaco                           Monte Carlo MON => FRA => ITA and return
NED-BEL        Flanders                         Grauw NED => Beveren BEL
NED-GER        Enschede (for 2004)              Enschede NED => GER and return
POL-GER        Usedom                           Swinoujscie POL => Wolgast GER
SLO-AUT        Kralj Matjaz PetzenLand          Crna na Koroskem SLO => Bleiburg AUT
SVK-AUT        Danube                           Bratislava SVK => Hainburg an der Donau AUT and return
USA-MEX        International Friendship         Coronado CA/USA => Rosarito MEX     

Largest Marathons.

The ten largest marathon races, counted by the number of finishers for one running (year):

51,388  TCS New York City             06 Nov 2016  New York NY/USA
50,766  TCS New York City             05 Nov 2017  New York NY/USA
50,432  ING New York City             02 Nov 2014  New York NY/USA
50,062  ING New York City             03 Nov 2013  New York NY/USA
49,330  TCS New York City             01 Nov 2015  New York NY/USA
46,795  ING New York City             06 Nov 2011  New York NY/USA
44,829  ING New York City             07 Nov 2010  New York NY/USA
44,511  Bank of America Chicago       08 Oct 2017  Chicago IL/USA
43,633  ING New York City             01 Nov 2009  New York NY/USA
42,440  Schneider Electric Paris      09 Apr 2017  Paris FRA
41,708  Schneider Electric Paris      03 Apr 2016  Paris FRA

The largest marathon races, as counted by the number of finishers summed over ALL
years for that race, with more than 100,000 total finishers:
1,175,234  New York City (NY/USA) 
1,038,734  London (ENG)
  817,575  Berlin (GER) 
  790,566  Paris (FRA)   
  789,118  Chicago (IL/USA)  
  692,082  Honolulu (HI/USA)  
  575,182  Marine Corps (DC/USA)  
  564,338  Boston (MA/USA)  
  429,919  Naha (JPN)  
  423,690  Los Angeles (CA/USA)  
  412,206  Stockholm (SWE)
  370,658  Hamburg (GER)  
  283,923  Tokyo International (JPN)
  272,445  Dublin (IRL)
  266,017  Frankfurt (GER) 
  249,713  Disney World (FL/USA)
  236,847  Rock 'n' Roll (CA/USA)
  233,465  Twin Cities (MN/USA)
  220,551  Rotterdam (NED)
  207,426  Grandma's (MN/USA)  
  206,571  Barcelona (ESP)
  197,568  Osaka (JPN)
  196,361  Chateau du Medoc (FRA)
  180,355  Vienna City (AUT)
  178,912  Citta di Roma (ITA)
  172,339  Houston (TX/USA) 
  164,482  Portland (OR/USA)
  159,044  Köln (GER) 
  142,206  Ibusuku Nanohana (JPN)
  139,407  Firenze (ITA)
  134,686  Helsinki City (FIN)
  134,255  Saint George (UT/USA)
  126,800  Kobe (JPN)
  123,161  Madrid (ESP)
  121,293  Itabashi City (JPN)
  119,982  Kasumigaura (JPN)
  118,589  Shonan (JPN)
  114,496  Tsukuba (JPN)
  110,249  Athens Authentic (GRE)
  108,651  San Francisco (CA/USA)
  108,408  Singapore (SIN)

Note: The Boston Marathon is missing total finishers for 1901-06,1908-17,1919-1960,1963, and 1968; the Los Angeles Marathon is missing total finishers for 1986-90,1995-99;  the Rotterdam Marathon is missing 1981-85, 1987, 1998-1999, and 2002-03; the Walt Disney World Marathon is missing 1995 and 1997-99; the Portland Marathon is missing 1973,1976-77,1979-81,1985-90,and 1998-99, the Citta di Roma Marathon is missing 1982.  The Tokyo International Marathon is missing almost all years prior to 2007.  The San Francisco Marathon is missing 1977 and 1986-1999.  Several other marathons probably should be on this list but they have not as yet been documented.

Note: Wheelchairs, inline skaters, and other non-pedestrian competitors are not included.

Runners who have won a marathon in a town of the same name. On 10 Jan 2016, Andrea Ragusa won the Citta di Ragusa Marathon, located in Ragusa ITA with a time of 2:44:51.  On 23 Oct 2016, Kenta Chiba (JPN) won the Chiba Aqualine Marathon, located in Chiba JPN with a time of 2:20:42.  On 22 Jan 2017m Hiroshi Ishigaki (JPN) won the Ishigakijima Marathon located in Ishigaki JPN with a time of 2:25:16.

The most marathon wins life-time. Ritva Vallivaara-Pasto (FIN) has won more marathons than any other individual with more than 300 wins. Click here for the runners with 20 or more career marathon wins.  The most marathon wins in one calendar year is 83 by Parvaneh Moayedi (USA) in 2013.

The shortest span of time between sub-2:10's.  Yuki Kawauchi (JPN) ran 2:09:05 at Fukuoka JPN on 01 Dec 2013 and then ran 2:09:15 at Hofu JPN on 15 Dec 2013, just 14 days later.  Click here for more.  (question from Brett Larner)

The longest span of time between first and last (most recent) marathon wins. Benji Durden (USA) with a span of 40y292d, from 05 Feb 1977 to 24 Nov 2017 . Here are the top 200 runners by time spans.

The longest span of time between first and last (most recent) marathon finishes. Johnny A Kelley (USA) ran his first marathon on 17 Mar 1928 (3:17: at Pawtucket RI/USA, place unknown) and his most recent marathon on 20 Apr 1992 (5:58:00 at Boston MA/USA. This is a span of 64y44d. (thanks to Andy Milroy)  For women, Katherine Switzer (USA) ran her first marathon at Boston MA/USA on 19 Apr 1967 and her most recent marathon on 05 Nov 2017 at New York NY/USA, for a span of 50y200d (thanks to Hans Dahlen).

The longest span of time between first and last sub-2:20 marathons for men/sub-2:50 marathons for women. For men, Takeshi Soh (JPN) with a span of 22y337d, from 02 Apr 1978 to 04 Aug 2002 . Here are the runners with the longest time spans

Sub-3:00's in five different decades.  The first runner to post sub-3:00 marathons in five different decades is Keizo Yamada (JPN) who ran sub-3:00 marathons in the 1940's, 1950's, 1960's, 1970's, and 1980's.  Here are the runners who have achieved sub-3:00 marathons in five decades.     

The most repeat wins in a single marathon. For men, 20 by Helge Hafsňs (NOR) at the Hornindalsvatnet (NOR) Marathon [1994-97,1999-2006,2008-09,2011-16 ]. Here are the runners with six or more wins in a single marathon series.

The largest number of runners involved in a declared tie for 1st place. On 15 Mar 1980, at the Shamrock (VA/USA) Marathon, Richard Bogaty, Roland Davide, and David McDonald were all given times of 2:21:22 and declared joint winners.

Marathon Consistency. Naoki Hirasawa (JPN) ran 2:28:48 to place 8th at the Otawara (JPN) Marathon on 23 Nov 2006. Three days later, on 26 Nov 2006, he placed 4th at the Tsukuba (JPN) Marathon with a time of 2:28:48. At least he improved his finish place. (submitted by Shigenobu Ota)

Boston on Good Friday. Only one time has Boston been run on Good Friday. Johnny A Kelley (USA) won the Boston Marathon on Good Friday, April 19, 1935 with a time of 2:32:08. (submitted by Malcolm Heyworth)

Fastest Runners Never to Have Won a Marathon. Guye Adola Idemo (ETH) has a marathon PR of 2:03:46 but has never won a marathon (only one race).  Lucy Kabuu Wangui (KEN) with a marathon PR of 2:19:34 is the fastest woman who has never won a marathon (seven starts).

Only woman to have finished six Olympic Marathons. Erika-Alejandra Olivera delaFuente (CHI) finished six Olympic marathons.  In 1996, she was 37th in 2:39:06; in 2000 she was 27th in 2:35:07; in 2004 she was 58th in 2:57:14; in 2012 she was 62nd in 2:36:41; in 2016 she was 105th in 2:50:29. (thanks to David Monti)

Identical triplets in Olympic Marathon.  At the 14 Aug 2016 Olympic Games marathon, Lily Luik was 97th (2:48:29), Leila Luik was 114th (2:54:38), and Lina Luik was a dnf. (EST,14 Oct 1985). (thanks to Hans Dahlen)

Fastest men + women combined winning times. The fastest combined winning time for a marathon is 4:22:49, set at the London (ENG) Marathon on 23 Apr 2017.  Daniel Kinyua Wanjiru (KEN) won the men's race in 2:05:48 while Mary Keitany Chepkosgei (KEN) won the women's race in 2:17:01. (idea from Marty Post)

Fastest combined times on consecutive days. The fastest combined time is 4:53:07 by Michael Wardian (USA).  He ran 2:21:50 for 62nd at the USA Olympic Trials (TX/USA) Marathon on 14 Jan 2012 and then ran 14th at the  Chevron Houston (TX/USA) Marathon on 15 Jan 2012 for a 2:31:17.

First man with two performances under 2:05. Haile Gebreselasie (ETH) was the first man to post two sub-2:05 marathons, on 18 Jan 2008 at the Dubai (UAE) Marathon (idea submitted by Marty Post)

First man with two performances under 2:06. Khalid Khannouchi (USA) was the first man to post two sub-2:06 marathons when he broke his own world record of 2:05:42 with a 2:05:38 clocking at the London (ENG) Marathon on 14 Apr 2002.

First man with two performances under 2:07. Josephat Kiprono (KEN) was the first man to post two sub-2:07 marathons, on 22 Apr 2001 at the Rotterdam (NED) Marathon.

First man with two performances under 2:08. Vincent Rousseau (BEL) was the first man to post two sub-2:08 marathons, on 24 Sep 1995 at the Berlin (GER) Marathon.

First man with two performances under 2:09. Rob deCastella (AUS) was the first man to post two sub-2:09 marathons, on 09 Apr 1983 at the Rotterdam (NED) Marathon.

First man with two performances under 2:10. Bill Rodgers (USA) was the first man to post two sub-2:10 marathons, on 16 Apr 1979 at the Boston (MA/USA) Marathon.

First woman with two performances under 2:20. Paula Radcliffe (ENG) won the Chicago (IL/USA) on 13 Oct 2002 in 2:17:17.7 for her second sub-2:20 performance.  Jusr over two minutes later, Catherine Ndereba (KEN) finished 2nd in 2:19:26, to become the second woman with two sub-2:20 performances.

First woman with two performances under 2:25. Joan Benoit Samuelson's (USA) Olympic gold medal performance on 05 Aug 1984 was her second sub-2:25 performance.

First woman with two performances under 2:30. Grete Waitz (NOR) was the first woman to post two sub-2:30 marathons, both at the New York City (NY/USA) Marathon and both on courses considered to have been short. However, her times of 2:27:32.6 (21 Oct 1979) and 2:25:41.3 (26 Oct 1980) were fast enough to have allowed her to have completed any additional distance needed to make up the full 42.195 km with ease.

First woman with two performances under 2:35. Grete Waitz (NOR) was the first women to post two sub-2:35 marathons. These were her first two marathons, both at the New York City (NY/USA) Marathon and both on courses considered to have been short. However, her times of 2:32:29.8 (22 Oct 1978) and 2:27:32.6 (21 Oct 1979) were fast enough to have allowed her to have walked any additional distance needed to make up the full 42.195 km.

First woman with two performances under 2:40. Christa Vahlensieck (GER) was the first woman to post two sub-2:40 marathons when she ran 2:38:32.8 at Steinwessen GER on 23 Sep 1978.

First woman with two performances under 2:45. Jacqueline Hansen (USA) was the first woman to post two sub-2:45 marathons when she ran 2:43:54.6 at ran 2:38:19 at Eugene OR/USA on 12 Oct 1975. Christa Vahlensieck (GER) had two times under 2:45 but her first was at the Essen (GER) Marathon on 26 Oct 1974 on a course later shown to be 745 meters short.

First woman with two performances under 2:50. Miki Gorman (USA) was the first woman to post two sub-2:50 marathons when she ran 2:47:12 at the Boston (MA/USA) Marathon on 15 Apr 1974.

First woman with two performances under 3:00. Nina Kuscsik (USA) was the first woman to post two sub-3:00 marathons when she ran 2:59:33 at the Cherry Tree (NY/USA) Marathon on 19 Mar 1972.

Least time difference between first man and first woman. This is limited to major marathons defined as male winner under 2:20 and female winner under 2:50. The smallest time difference is 7:14 (434 seconds) at the Beijing (CHN) Marathon on 20 Oct 2002. Zhu-hong Li (CHN) won the men's race in 2:13:09; Ya-nan Wei (CHN) won the women's race in 2:20:23.

Least time difference between the men's and women's world "records." From 13 Apr 2003 to 27 Sep 2003, the men's record was 2:05:37.8 and the women's record was 2:15:24.6, for a time differential of 9:46.8. (idea from Marty Post)

Greatest combined ages for the male and female winners of a marathon. The 05 Nov 2014 Zilinsky Hamburg (SVK) Marathon was won by Alexander Simon (17 Nov 1947, age 66y353d) in 3:34:33 and Eva Seidlova (19 May 1948, age 66y170d) in 4:05:35, for a combined age of 133y158d.  Idea from Maurice Wilson.

The fastest brothers are Duncan Kibet (2:04:26.3) and Luke Metto (2:10:57) with a combined time of 4:15:23.3.
The fastest sisters are Hiromi (2:23:26) and Takami (2:23:43) Ominami with a combined time of 4:47:09 (Hiromi and Takami are twins.)
The fastest father/son are Waldemar Cierpinski (2:09:55) and Falk Cierpinski (2:13:30) with a combined time of 4:23:25.
The fastest father/daughter are Tadaaki (2:13:37.6) and Masae Ueoka (2:30:17) with a combined time of 4:43:54.6.
The fastest mother/daughter are Katrin (D÷rre) (2:24:35) and Katharina Heinig (2:28:34) with a combined time of 4:53:09.
The fastest brother/sister are Samuel (2:15:50) and Catherine (2:18:57) Ndereba with a combined time of 4:34:47.
The fastest husband/wife are Paul Kipchumba Longanyata (KEN) (2:06:10) and Purity Cherotich Rionoripo (KEN) (2:20:55) with a combined time of 4:27:05.
Thanks to Marty Post. Contributions from Shigenobu Ota, Franco Civai, Juraj Gasparovic, Alex Wilson, Manfred Steffny, Hans Dahlen.

Husband/wife National Record Holders. Khalid Khannouchi (MAR/USA) and Sandra Khannouchi-Natal (DOM) hold three national records between them. Khalid holds the USA record of 2:05:37.8 (14 Apr 2002 at London ENG) and the MAR record of 2:05:42 (24 Oct 1999 Chicago IL/USA). Sandra holds the DOM record of 2:46:46 (29 Oct 1995 Frankfurt GER). (thanks to Greg Diamond)

Longest running marathons. The Boston (MA/USA) Marathon is the longest running marathon in the world, having been run 119 times. Here are the marathons with 20 or more runnings.

Most different months for a single venue marathon to be staged.
The Yonkers (NY/USA) Marathon has been held in seven different calendar months. Apr (1987-94), May (1913,1945-55,1957-71,1973,1975-86), Jun (1972,1974), Sep (1948,1956,1997-date), Oct (1946-47,1995-96), Nov (1907-11,1914-15,1917,1935-45) and Dec (1916).

Marathon world best for men and women held by runners from the same country. For 38 days between 13 Jun 1964 and 20 Jul 1964, the world best marathon performance for men was by Benjamin Basil Heatley (GBR) at 2:13:55 and for women was Dale Greig (GBR) at 3:27:45.

Fastest combined men/women national records. Kenya (KEN) has the fastest combined national records with Mary Keitany (2:17:01) combined with Dennis Kipruto Kimetto (2:02:56.4) for a total of 4:19:57.4.

Fastest USA/CAN marathons by state/province.  Click here for the marathon all-comers best marathon times of each USA state and each CAN province.

Marathons wins in all 50 states (USA).  Chuck Engle (USA) won the Louisiana Trails (LA/USA) Marathon on 12 Nov 2011 to complete marathon wins in all 50 states.

Most national marathon titles. (courtesy of Malcolm Heyworth)

12  AUT  Adolf Gruber            1952-63
11  ISR  Nili Avramski (F)       1996-98,2000-02,2005-08
10  SWE  Gustav Kinn             1917,1919-22,1924-26,1928-29
    SWE  Henry Palme             1934-42,1944
 9  AUT  Franz Tuschek           1926-27,1929-35
    DEN  Henning Larsen          1941,1943-50
    EST  Rein Leinus             1959-63,1967-70
    ISR  Asaf Bimro              1995,1997,1999-2001,2003-05,2007
    POR  Armando Aldegalega      1964,1966-69,1971-74,1980
    POR  Fatima Silva (F)        1999-2002,2004-08
 8  IND  Chhota Singh            1942,1944,1946,48-51,1953
    BUL  Georgi Penchov          1947,1949-50,1955,1957-58,1960-61
    USA  John J Kelley           1956-63
    BEL  Aurele Vandendriessche  1956-57,1959-64
    TUR  Ismail Akcay            1960's/1970's
    SCG  Tomislav Askovic        1977,1982,1984-89
    BUL  Rumyana Panovska (F)    1987-89,1996,1999-2000,2003-04
    BUL  Petko Stefanov          1994,1996,1999-2004
    BUL  Milka Mikhaylova (F)    2001-02,2005-06,2008,2010-12

Oldest/youngest runners to win an open marathon. Dan Schuff (USA) at age 78y276d is the oldest person to win an open marathon when he won in 6:23:01 at San Antonio TX/USA on 28 Nov 2013.  Here are the oldest and youngest runners to have won an open marathon.

Oldest/youngest runners to win an open marathon under the ARRS qualifying standards (2:20/2:50). Bernardine Portenski at age 49y060d is the oldest woman to win an open marathon under the ADR qualifying standard of 2:50 when she won in 2:44:52 at Auckland NZL on 25 Oct 1998. Here are the ten oldest and ten youngest men and women to have won open marathons under the ADR qualifying standards.

Marathons won by women. On occasion, the first runner across the finish line in a mixed race marathon is a woman:

22 Feb 1986  Seven Sisters (ENG)              2:49:    Sarah Rowell                2:53:    Sam Lambourne
   Aug 1988  McKenzie River Trail (OR/USA)    4:16:46  Sandi Arrington (USA)       4:27:29  George Cox (USA)
26 Oct 1991  Stinson Beach (CA/USA)           4:11:38  Eldrith Gosney (CA/USA)     4:41:55  Bob O'Connell (CA/USA)
11 Jan 1992  Mount Tamalpais (CA/USA)         4:16:02  Carrie Burrows (CA/USA)     4:46:30  John Clark (CA/USA)
18 Apr 1992  California Forty-Niner (CA/USA)  4:03:35  Rachel Atchley (NV/USA)     4:20:15  Vince Sciortino (CA/USA)
18 Jul 1992  Summer Solstice (CA/USA)         4:51:00  Ellen Troth (CA/USA)        4:57:40  Howard Daniel (CA/USA)
21 May 1994  Skyline to the Sea (CA/USA)      3:38:00  Barbara Acosta (USA)        4:17:50  Chris Giedt (USA)
03 Jun 1995  Marin Wilderness Trail (CA/USA)  4:32:28  Teri Rose (CA/USA)          5:08:00  Reid Waldon (CA/USA)
09 Sep 1995  Bismark YMCA (ND/USA)            2:46:46  Christina Scobey (NY/USA)   2:53:00  Thomas Lacey (CO/USA)
20 Apr 1996  Napa Valley Trail (CA/USA)       3:45:43  Tina Ure (CA/USA)           3:54:52  Nicolas Martin (CA/USA)
18 May 1996  Muir Woods Trail (CA/USA)        3:23:30  Tina Ure (CA/USA)           3:25:00  Andy Roth (CA/USA)
19 Oct 1996  Skyline to the Sea (CA/USA)      4:13:16  Gayla Johnson (CA/USA)      4:23:23  Scott Clark (CA/USA)
   Mar 1997  Guam (GUM)                       3:07:48  Rhonda Davidson-Alley (GUM) 3:11:32  Jim Walker (GUM)
19 Dec 1999  Christmas (WA/USA)               2:52:55  Laura Nelson                2:55:11  Cliff Gill
   May 2001  Prince of Wales (AK/USA)         3:27:55  Susan Doherty (USA)         3:28:05  Willis Ferenbaugh (USA)
01 Jan 2002  Redding (CA/USA)                 2:56:05  Beverley Abbs (CA/USA)      3:01:53  Ed Ankring
05 Oct 2002  Big Sur Trail (CA/USA)           4:03:08  Jenny Knight (USA)          4:04:36  John Teske (USA)
12 Oct 2002  Krimskiy (UKR)                   2:40:02  Tatyana Bulyshchenko (UKR)  2:45:22  Ivan Shestakovich (UKR)     
01 Jan 2003  Redding (CA/USA)                 3:03:50  Beverley Abbs (CA/USA)      3:08:52  Ed Ankring
03 May 2003  Wild Wild West (CA/USA)          4:06:25  Jana Gustman                4:09:01  Norman Kabrick
30 Jun 2003  Nunavut Midnight Sun (CAN)       4:36:    Lisa Ramshaw                4:45:    Rich Holmes
01 Jan 2004  Redding (CA/USA)                 3:09:38  Beverley Abbs (CA/USA)      3:22:52  Rob Carreau (USA)
15 Feb 2004  Desert Classic (AZ/USA)          2:48:44  Janice Posey (AZ/USA)       2:54:39  Tony Kelly (CAY)
14 Mar 2004  Te Houtaewa Challenge (NZL)      3:30:30  Catharina Ward (NZL)        4:40:05  Kerry Cutler (NZL)
05 Jul 2004  Nunavut Midnight Sun (CAN)       4:25:07  Amanda Silk                 4:25:41  Neil Kigutaq
24 Oct 2004  Nike 26.2 (CA/USA)               3:03:06  Jessica Langford (IL/USA)   3:07:30  Lee Marigold (CA/USA)
26 Dec 2004  Tahnee Welch (GER)               3:52:02  Silvia Rehn (GER)           4:04:23  Thomas Wenning (GER)
       2004  The Houtewae Challenge (NZL)     3:30:30  Catherina Ward (NZL)                 unknown
07 May 2005  Wild Wild West (CA/USA)          4:06:05  Marian Richard              4:20:07  Dow Mattingly
25 Oct 2005  Nike 26.2 (CA/USA)               2:59:32  Tracey Gold (CA/USA)        3:09:57  Michael Fuortes (NY/USA)
22 Dec 2005  Kreuxdeich (GER)                 3:53:50  Anja Samse (GER)            3:59:51  Gunter Tewes (GER)
07 May 2006  Diablo Mountain (CA/USA)         4:44:18  Caren Spore (CA/USA)        5:15:00  Jorgen Eriksen (CA/USA)
08 Jul 2006  Alajarvi (FIN)                   3:41:00  Hanna Haapa-Aho (FIN)       3:45:45  Tuukka Peltola (FIN)
09 Sep 2006  Odyssey Trail (VA/USA)           4:38:    Bethany Patterson (USA)     4:40:    Neal Jamison (USA)
24 Sep 2006  Boulder Backroads (CO/USA)       2:43:10  Nuta Olaru (ROM)            2:49:09  Steve Krebs (CO/USA)
07 Oct 2006  Triple Lakes Trail (NC/USA)      3:30:23  Emily Ruth (NC/USA)         3:36:20  Andrew Douglas (USA)
29 Dec 2006  Johann Christian Poggendorf(GER) 4:49:30  Rosemary vonKocemba (GER)   5:54:44  Christian Hottas (GER)
25 Mar 2007  Daffodill Dawdle (ENG)           4:27:    Lisa Joanne Barry (ENG)     4:28:    Glyn Morris (ENG)
07 Apr 2007  Russell Crowe (GER)              4:35:34  Rosemary vonKocemba (GER)   4:52:26  Hartmut Feldmann (GER)
30 Apr 2007  Paloheina (FIN)                  4:10:26  Ritva Vallivaara-Pasto(FIN) 6:06:03  Tapani Sallya (FIN)
09 Jun 2007  Maryville (MO/USA)               2:57:25  Christine Ensign (USA)      3:08:38  Matthew Berndt (USA)
30 Jun 2007  Running With the Devil (NV/USA)  4:45:29  Karla Kent (USA)            5:29:50  Ted Plautz (USA)
01 Jul 2007  Prato/Boccadirio (ITA)           3:11:39  Monica Carlin (ITA)         3:15:02  Ivan Cudin (ITA)
07 Jul 2007  Sommer (GER)                     4:15:27  Susanne Mahlstedt (GER)     4:17:47  Petzi Schickelgruber (GER)
09 Sep 2007  Yorkshireman (ENG)               6:39:25  Catherine Shaw (ENG)        6:43:41  Gordon Teal (ENG)
15 Sep 2007  Shore to Shore (WA/USA)          2:58:14  Marlene Farrell (USA)       3:13:54  Todd Knowles (USA)
16 Sep 2007  Newfoundland Provincial (NF/CAN) 3:04:21  Allison Hobeika (CAN)       3:09:24  Bill Pomeroy (CAN)
16 Sep 2007  Paloheina (FIN)                  3:50:17  Ritva Vallibaara-Pasto(FIN) 3:54:03  Jouni Jaakkonen (FIN)
07 Oct 2007  Bizz Johnson Trail (CA/USA)      2:46:35  Heather Fuhr (CAN)          2:59:56  Christopher King (USA)
21 Oct 2007  Arne Frank (GER)                 5:01:27  Rosemarie vonKocemba (GER)  5:16:01  Christian Hottas (GER)
21 Oct 2007  Nike (CA/USA)                    3:01:26  Laura Thompson (USA)        3:09:04  Otto Elliott (USA)
28 Oct 2007  Eros Ramazotti (GER)             4:55:10  Rosemarie vonKocemba (GER)  5:09:09  Christian Hottas (GER) + Meinulf Kron
28 Oct 2007  Frankenstein (MO/USA)            3:49:35  Ellen Erhardt (USA)         3:49:36  Don Frichtl (USA)
18 Nov 2007  Paloheina (FIN)                  4:04:39  Ritva Vallibaara-Pasto(FIN) 4:34:24  Esa Nieminen (FIN)
01 Dec 2007  Paloheina (FIN)                  3:49:15  Ritva Vallibaara-Pasto(FIN) 4:36:16  Hans Mannsten (FIN)
29 Dec 2007  Paloheina (FIN)                  3:59:43  Ritva Vallibaara-Pasto(FIN) 4:29:13  Hans Mannsten (FIN)

Note: This list ends at 31 Dec 2007 because it has become too common to detail all of the examples.

Note: In the 2005 Nike 26.2 (CA/USA) Marathon, the first six finishers were women altho it should be noted that this was advertised as the Nike Women's Marathon despite allowing men to run.

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