Win Streaks

Win streaks are limited to rankings qualifying runners altho all performances in the win streak do not have to be rankings qualifying. Win streaks are determined from performances in the ADR database and are based on the following guidelines:

1. There can be no gaps of more than six months within any win streak (marathons excluded) without indications that the runner did not race during that period.
2. Wins in heats for track races are counted.
3. Fastest legs in relays are counted.
4. Individual stages in stage races are counted but the overall placement in the stage race is not counted.
5. Standings in grand prix events are not counted.
6. Only races of 3 km and longer are counted.
7. The most recent performance in a current streak must be within six months of the current date.
8. Runner must have qualified for the ADR database.

NOTE: The three (sometimes four) digit number preceeding the venue is the competitive level of the race.

Current Win Streaks

All-Time Streaks-Men

All-Time Streak-Women

Marathon Streaks

NOTE: Often it is quite difficult to be certain that all of a runner's races/starts have been accounted for. Dnf's also may end a win streak and these are not always reported.