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Distance running trivia

Like any statistically-oriented sport, distance running has its share of trivia questions. This section is for trivia that can't be readily derived from lists presented in other sections. For example, questions such as the most runners under 2:15 in a single marathon is easily answered from the Best Times section under Marathon (46 set at London in 1991).

The longest standing record. - Charles Rowell ran 300 miles indoors in 58:17:06 over the period between February 27, 1882 and March 1, 1882, a mark that has not been surpassed since, indoors or outdoors. (Thanks to Andy Milroy)

The largest number of runners in a declared tie for first place - On January 13, 1979, a six-way tie for first place was declared at the Governor's Cup (Salem OR/USA) Half Marathon with all runners being given the time of 1:04:46. The winners (in alphabetical order) were Doug Brown, Thom Burleson, Alex Kasich, Ralph King, Mike Manke, and Kevin McCarey.

The most wins within a race series - The most wins within a single race series is 18 by David Wakeling (GBR) at the Gatliff (ENG) 50K. The most consecutive wins within a single race series is 16 by Michael McLeod (ENG) at the Saltwell Harriers (ENG) 10km and Michael McDermott (RSA) at the Harrismith Mountain Race (RSA) 15km.

The most national titles for a single event - Isabelle Guillot (FRA) has won 14 French mountain running titles, between 1989 and 2007.

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