ARRS - Association of Road Racing Statisticians

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Races are expected to support the goals of the ARRS in the conduct of their race and are expected to provide results from their race or races to the depth needed by ARRS. This does not mean that all race courses have to have their start and finish within the 30% stipulated separation and courses may drop more than the stipulated 1.0 m/km. Performances from such courses simply would not be considered for ARRS records altho they may still be eligible for ARRS rankings lists.

It is expected (but not required) that separate early starts for the elite women be established such that the first woman finishes before the first man, thereby maintaining the elite women's race as a "women-only" race. It is also expected that times be reported to tenths of seconds for races 100 km and shorter and that the ARRS criteria on timing be adhered to.

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