Average Race Time Bias- Marathons

Values shown for each marathon are calculated based on the elite runner's performances. For mixed races, the men's and women's RTB values are averaged. The values are given in seconds and represent how much faster (negative values) or slower (positive values) an elite runner would be expected to run at each race.

   -90.5  +Paris (FRA)
   -81.0  +Berlin (GER)
   -79.2  +Debno (POL)
   -76.4  +Marrakech (MAR)
   -67.6  +Dubai (UAE)
   -67.3  +Turin (ITA)
   -66.8  +Italia (Carpi ITA)
   -62.3  +Milano (ITA)
   -60.3  +Seoul International (KOR)
   -58.2  +Amsterdam (NED)
   -55.1  +Beijing (CHN)
   -53.4  +Hamburg (GER)
   -52.0  +Lala (Torreon MEX)
   -51.5  +Rotterdam (NED)
   -49.1  +Osaka Women's (JPN)
   -48.9  +Houston (TX/USA)
   -47.3  +Frankfurt (GER)
   -46.7  +London (ENG)
   -46.0  +Köln (GER)
   -44.4  +Rome (ITA)
   -43.2  +Eindhoven (NED)
   -26.5  +Vienna City (AUT)
   -17.4  +Reggio Emilia (ITA)
   -14.3  +Reims (FRA)
   -13.8  +Chicago (IL/USA)
   -11.0  +Venice (ITA)
    -9.9  +Toronto Waterfront (ON/CAN)
    -9.0  +Tokyo International (JPN)
    -8.6  +Ottawa (ON/CAN)
    -8.5  +Los Angeles (CA/USA)
    -7.7  +Biwa-ko (Otsu JPN)
    -2.3  +Nagoya Women's (JPN)
    -1.3  +Yokohama Women's (JPN)
    +2.9  +Fukuoka (JPN)
    +8.0  +California Int'l (Sacramento CA/USA)
   +14.1  +Rock 'N Roll (San Diego CA/USA)
   +14.3  +Beppu-Oita (JPN)
   +16.9  +Dublin (IRL)
   +17.3  +Kosice (SVK)
   +22.9  +Gold Coast (Brisbane AUS)
   +24.9  +La Rochelle (FRA)
   +26.9  +Prague (CZE)
   +27.4  +Firenze (ITA)
   +29.8  +Twin Cities (St Paul MN/USA)
   +34.2  +Nagano (JPN)
   +35.0  +Grandma's (Duluth MN/USA)
   +47.1  +Baltimore (MD/USA)
   +47.9  +Istanbul Eurasia (TUR)
   +51.6  +Columbus (OH/USA)
   +66.7  +Honolulu (HI/USA)
   +74.8  +Belgrade (SER)
   +82.8  +New York City (NY/USA)
   +91.3  +Boston (MA/USA)
  +106.9  +Mumbai (IND)
  +108.3  +Sao Paulo (BRA)
  +131.6  +Rio de Janeiro (BRA)
  +168.6  +Hong Kong (HKG)
  +183.5  +Hokkaido (Sapporo JPN)
  +192.8  +Mexico City (MEX)
  +193.4  +Stockholm (SWE)
  +212.9  +Liberté (Caen FRA)
  +328.6  Singapore (SIN)

Notes: The race time bias reflects the difference in times from the expected times of runners on these courses. Negative values indicate the race produces faster than expected times, on the average. Likewise, positive values indicate the race produces slower than expected times, on the average. The race time bias combines the effects of course difficulty and weather conditions to be expected.  Only data for 2000-date has been used.

Last Updated on 06 Mar 2013